Personal Reflection 2/1/22

So Forbes let me go because my most recent article (thinking about dying one day as motivation to live in the moment) wasn’t on brand. I understand that, but instead of giving me the chance to write something else, they ended my position. It’s interesting because they let me write anything I wanted for almost two years. Anything! But I will find a home for this article. :)


My other writing is coming along. I have my YA all set up. That will take time and an editor later to help me input descriptions! I’m using my past Forbes article topics for conversations with Ever and Payton in my YA. (Oh I dreamt their future daughter was Forest Westwood so it shall be!)

I am writing a few self help books at the same time. I make a little progress in each everyday. But my memoir is done and on the back burner until I can find a publisher. I have others to do if that doesn’t find a home. :)

I was worried recently about feedback I sent to someone who oversees the mental health system. I sent her it once a year or so ago and she replied with thanks. I sent her some updated insights and got no reply. I think though it was powerful and good. So I was worried about this then I got a vision of Jesus saying “Follow me and everything will be alright.” I put the letter I sent her in my memoir just so it’s not lost if it’s not used.

My dog Lady has been all better. She has severe gastro issues. And she is on gastro food, a bunch of gastro pills, itch vitamin, itch spray and itch shot. All worked! However, she started to not eat her wet food and only eats her dry food now. Before it was the reverse. She randomly started eating poop so I have to watch for that now. Overall, she is doing well. We have more good days than bad. For that I am thankful.

Steelcut oats literally saved me again. I used it for weight loss (psych meds increase appetite). I stopped for a bit which wasn’t good. And now I’ve been eating it again and my appetite is normal (sometimes hardly there!). I am beyond happy that this solution has worked.

Fun fact- the author of The Secret and I talked via email a few times. I told her about steelcut oats for her daughter who has a mental illness and has gained weight from psych meds. I sent her that and some other messages. Whee!

I would say that Megan Devine has saved my brand. I was all about finding meaning in everything, and she taught me that sometimes there is no silver lining. I have this put into all my writing now. I always try to be inspirational because you never know who could benefit from your story. But I realize it’s more important to be human. People want realness, not an answer to every problem.

So my next task is to be extremely real in my writing. That’s MY brand. I’m not for everyone. I am a bit too deep for Forbes! But basically I want to dig deep and find meaning and beauty in it all.

I’m going to have my characters in my YA be very vulnerable and real and open when they talk about life topics. Not just philosophical but about their journeys with these struggles. It’s not a wisdom book of before vs. after solutions for people’s lives. It showing that being there for each other matters. I’m excited to tackle these!

I am finished with my site for now. I took down the memoir then put it back up then recently took off the description. I don’t want to scare people off who have different belief systems. My story is about a near death experience. I want to wait until it’s for sure picked up before promoting it. However…I did write an article about it here.

Also I wanted to give a shout out to BeeBee Asmr. She is so entertaining and fun. She helped me today through the Forbes loss. I also watched Sailor Moon Crystal and Eternity over ten times O.o I use it as background noise and comfort as it’s so familiar. lol. Fun fact- I am Sailor Neptune! And I was in love with her when I was a kid. I think it’s good to find ways of escapism. I’m reading a ton of books right now. Ever since I had a bipolar breakdown, my reading focus went down a lot. I lost a lot with it. BUT it came back! And now all I want to do is read because I couldn’t focus for so long. If I had to choose my absolute favorite book ever it would be Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. That helped me in the mental health system more than all their help ever did!

Overall, I am happy and doing well. I am desensitized to article rejections so no worries about Forbes. I know I did my best there! I will stay true to my voice and find ways of being authentic elsewhere.

Thanks for reading!





Speaker, Writer, Activist

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Sarah J Browne

Sarah J Browne

Speaker, Writer, Activist

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